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  1. Leather Dye Bismarck Brown 3oz
    Brand: Angelus
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    Brand: Angelus
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What is Leather Dye?

Leather Dye is a liquid colourant agent, used to change the original colour of your leather. The substance can be synthetic or natural and is used to paint leather. If you are looking for a transparent coat to make your leather beautiful again, you have come to the right place. Do you wish to do the same for suede? Have a look at the suede dye page for more information. Can you dye leather? Well of course, with a product like Angelus Leather Dye!

Why use Angelus Leather Dye?

Here, at Leatherpaint.co.uk, we only offer the best product line available. This is the reason why Angelus is the only brand we are selling. There is a big difference between leather paint and leather dye! Dye can be dissolved in water, pigment or leather paint can be used in combination with a chemical agent like paint thinner. All the additives used to alter the consistency of the paint can be found under: paint additives. You can use the leather dye for a lot of different products, like leather sneakers, leather sofa’s and many more. Angelus leather dye will not crack or peel, if applied correctly. The best way to colour and revitalize your leather will be explained here!

How to use Leather Dye

Leather dye is the solution for you when you want to apply a different colour to your leather and do not want to use leather paint. It is paramount that you follow the steps to ensure the perfect results. Only use premium products to guarantee a consistent finish that won’t crack or peel. If you are using a new leather dye, test it out on a small piece of leather first to see the result before dying your leatherwear.

  1. When you are applying leather dye to your product, make sure that the leather is prepped and masked off with tape. This will make your life a lot easier! When the product is dry, you can remove the tape. This way your lines will always be clean! Use the Angelus Preparer & Finisher for optimal results.
  2. Use Angelus Preparer or deglazer liquid to make the leather dye stick to the surface. This step is very important! If the old finisher is not removed, the paint will not penetrate the leather and as a result, the paint won’t stick. Applying a little bit of water to the leather can also help you get better results, but this depends on the leather dye you use!
  3. When using an airbrush, make sure that any old paint or dye remains are removed. The dye doesn’t always need to be thinned, and can be poured in your airbrush using the pipette. You can always use paint brushes and other accessories. It’s very important to clean your airbrush gun directly when you are finished!
  4. For the leather dye to be evenly spread, it is better to use multiple thin coats. This way the colour will be evenly distributed. The coats need to be completely dry before the next coat is applied.
  5. When dry, brush the leather lightly to remove any excess leather dye. Apply a finisher to fix the dye to the surface. When all the steps are complete and the finisher has dried, Angelus shoe polish can be applied to make your leather shine!

Different Applications for Leather Dye

Leather dye can be used to colour a lot of different products. Leather dye for sofas or leather shoe dye are the most used practices but of course you can dye your old leather jacket as well. Leather furniture dye can also be found here, but beware: you will need a lot of product if you want to retouch a leather sofa or armchair. That is why Angelus dye us mostly used for leather sneakers, leather trainers, and other leather shoes.

Ordering Leather Dye

When you want to buy leather dye online, leatherpaint.co.uk is the partner you need! We ensure a fast shipment by sending all products through Deutsche Post and can ensure top quality for a low price. Check out our competitive offers and order directly! More than 150 colours are directly available from our online shop. But that’s not all! You can mix almost every colour to create a unique finish to your leather products. When you need advice, our specialists are at your disposal! Give us a call or email us to get expert advice on painting and colouring leather, to ensure the best results. We are always happy to help you out!