Angelus Clear Shoe Cement

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Angelus Clear Shoe Cement 4 oz
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Product Description

Angelus Clear Shoe Cement works perfectly on rubber, leather, plastic, vinyl, textiles and much more. This all-purpose adhesive is a must-have for everyone – for example, for sticking the soles of your shoes together again. Thanks to the clear chemical formula, no spots are left on the surface.


- Clean both surfaces thoroughly with Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer or pure acetone.
- Apply Angelus Clear Shoe Cement on both surfaces.
- ** Allow the glue to work for 15 to 60 minutes before pressing the two surfaces together.**
- Press the two surfaces together hard and clamp them together for at least a full hour.
- Allow everything to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing the item again,