1. Paint Brush Set
    Brand: Angelus
  2. Micro Detail Brush Set
    Brand: Angelus
  3. Clear Shoe Cement
    Brand: Angelus
  4. All Purpose Applicator 20 pcs
    Brand: Angelus
  5. Angelus Detail Knife + 5 Replacement Blades
    Brand: Angelus
  6. Empty Paint Marker Set 5mm
    Brand: Angelus
  7. Professional Shoe Stretch
    Brand: Angelus
  8. Angelus Jumbo Paint Brush Set
    Brand: Angelus
    Preis pro Set
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Leather dye accessories

Are you ready to start your own leather paint project? Then make sure you use the right leather dye accessories. Whatever project you take up, you won't achieve the optimal result without the right tools.

Essential tools include brushes for making beautiful and clean lines on supple leather. But sponge brushes for large areas and mesh or canvas substrates are also indispensable for a painting project. And don't forget tape for masking edge!


Depending on which project you pick up, make sure you use the right set of brushes. A suitable Angelus brush is available for every surface. These feature soft synthetic bristles, which means they do not leave streaks. Select the right brush depending on the size and shape to suit your project. It is important that you can apply the paint everywhere and in an even coat.

When painting trainers, for example, it is important to use a wide and flat brush. And for round shapes, we recommend using a brush with a bevelled edge.

The Angelus Paint Marker is also a top product. With this paint marker, you can easily draw lines and even draw with paint. Here, we do recommend using an Angelus 2-thin paint additive.

Angelus detail brushes and professional accessories

There are Angelus detail brushes and professional accessories that should not be missing from the arsenal of a dedicated leather paint professional.

Think for example of leather strips on which you can test colours and coverage. Also, make sure you have a number of empty pots in which you can mix colours and paint with a hardener.

In addition, we recommend using the Angelus detail brushes. With these brushes, you can easily paint intricate shapes and patterns.

These accessories give you free rein when it comes to your creativity. Everything is suddenly possible! So go for leopard prints, logos, flames or whatever you want to make your new leather paint the best it can be.