Angelus Metallic

  1. Leather Paint Gold
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  2. Leather Paint Silver
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  3. Leather Paint Pewter
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  4. Leather Paint Bronze
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  5. Leather Paint Copper
    Brand: Angelus
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Angelus Metallic

Are you looking for high-quality leather paint with a slightly shiny sheen? If so, the Angelus Metallic leather paint is a great solution. This paint is suitable for a variety of leather products, from clothing and footwear to furniture and saddles. A metallic-coloured coating can give old leather new life after years of use. The Angelus Metallic paint from is also suitable for other materials with a smooth surface, such as canvas, textiles and even glass if you use paint additives.

Metallic leather paint

Our Metallic leather paint is the more striking version of our standard colours, but by no means as eye-catching as our bright Neon or Glitterlites paint. The Metallic paint is easy to apply to any smooth leather, and due to the high quality of our paints, the new colour will last for a long time. For the best results, check out our recommended products for preparation and finisher treatments.

Angelus Metallic colours

Discover the most beautiful Angelus Metallic colours at! Choose from a variety of different options and receive free shipping for orders of £60 and above. Interested in the Angelus Metallic colours? Make sure to also view our wide range of all Angelus Standard leather paints. If you are looking for that metallic sheen, then take your pick from the following Metallic leather paints:

   - Gold

   - Silver

   - Champagne

   - Bronze

   - Tin

   - Copper

Angelus Metallic Gold

Are you looking for high-quality leather paint for your old leather? The Angelus Metallic Gold leather paint is a great choice for reviving old trainers or adding a personal touch to an old leather belt or watch strap. Besides clothing, the Angelus Metallic Gold leather paint is excellent for furniture as well. In addition, it combines well with our other Angelus Standard colours, such as black, white, and blue.

Angelus Metallic Silver

Give old leather an eye-catching new sheen with the Angelus Metallic Silver leather paint. This colour is a great solution for making a faded silver belt or bag look brand new again. Do you have another garment that has lost its shine over the years? Give it new life with the Angelus Metallic Silver leather paint! Combine your newly revitalised leather with silver jewellery or accessories – it will match perfectly.