1. Preparer and Deglazer
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Leather preparation

Before you start painting or dyeing leather furniture, shoes or clothing, it is necessary to ensure good leather preparation. Cleaning dust and grease residue from the leather allows the leather paint or dye to adhere well to the material. A greasy or dusty undercoat can create an uneven result and the paint may soon crack and even come off. The special Angelus leather preparation products are therefore the best possible pre-treatment for a good result!

Angelus Preparer and Deglazer

The ideal tool for thoroughly cleaning and degreasing leather products is the Angelus Preparer and Deglazer. This is an all-in-one solution to make the leather suitable for a paint treatment. It easily removes grease residue and other dirt, so that the new paint layer adheres well to the leather surface. Angelus Preparer and Deglazer are easy to apply with our Application Pads. Do you want to clean suede? In that case, use the Angelus Easy Cleaner.