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Angelus Leather Preparation       

Angelus Leather Paint Preparation

Here at, we care about your leather restoration projects! Whether you are customizing leather shoes, custom sneakers, limited edition trainers or a leather jacket: we’ve got the perfect product for you. Order your products in one go! If your order surpasses £60, we’ll even pay the delivery costs. We understand that a lot of questions may arise when painting your leather sneakers. Visit the FAQ page to find you answer and bring your project to completion. Our experts are always happy to help! If you have any questions about our wide product range, please do not hesitate to call or send us a message. All the information you need can be found on the contact page.

What is Preparation?

Angelus Preparer & Deglazer is a special mix of chemicals used to thoroughly clean leather. The product is often used before applying leather paint to help it stick to the surface of the shoe. This preparation fluid truly is the best way to prep your leather! With a little help of chemicals, Angelus Preparer & Deglazer removes any dirt, grease or additional paint layers. These layers have often been applied by the factory and need to be removed for the paint to better stick to the surface. Watch out with different materials such as suede, vinyl or rubber. These materials are not suited to be used in combination with angelus preparer! Other materials can best be cleaned with soap and water, and brushed off afterwards. Find your accessories here.

How do you use Angelus Preparation?

Angelus preparation is easy to use if you follow the next steps;

  1. Clean the leather product first with water or with the Angelus Cleaning Supplies. A brush or cloth can be used to clean the surface. Looking for cleaning supplies? Have a look at the cleaning page and make your choice.
  2. Apply a small amount of the Preparer & Deglazer on a cotton ball, cloth or cotton-wool pad. Completely brush off the shoe and let dry! The goal is to remove any factory coating on the shoe. This way the paint will not crack upon use and better adhere to the shoe.  
  3. Let dry.

Now, your shoe is fully prepped and ready to go! To read more information about painting leather shoes, either visit the leather paint page or have a look at the user manual.