Frequently Asked Questions:

How much paint do I need?
The size of the surface that you can paint with one bottle depends on the type of leather, the paint itself and the intended use. You can paint a pair of shoes (trainers, for example) with three thin coats using one 29.5 ml bottle.

Before doing anything else, must I first apply a white coat?
Angelus Leather Paint has excellent opacity. However, if you want to make dark-coloured leather lighter, we recommend applying a white coat first. This enables you to achieve the best colour quality.

Must I apply the leather paint in several coats?
Yes. Always apply several thin coats. An excessively thick coat of paint cannot penetrate the leather well and the leather could tear.

How long must the paint be left to dry?
We recommend letting each coat dry for 10-25 minutes; the final coat should be left to dry for 24 hours.

Can I reduce the glossiness of the paint?
No problem! The Angelus Duller was specially developed to reduce glossiness. Simply mix it with the leather paint to get a more matt look.

Can I use the leather paint on any type of leather?
Angelus Leather Paint is suitable for all types of smooth leather.

Which brushes are the most suitable?
We recommend using acrylic brushes, as they don’t leave any streaks behind. Other soft brushes can also be used.

How do I get the brushes clean again?
Cleaning is easy using water or acrylic remover.

Can I mix the paints?
Yes, all Angelus Leather Paint colours can be mixed with one another.

The standard colour is too dark to make the colour I want. What can I do?
If you think that a colour is too dark, you can lighten it by one or several shades. To do this, you have to mix the paint with neutral-coloured paint.

Do I have to use a finisher?
The paint is of such high quality that it’s not absolutely necessary to use a finisher. However, the paint will be better protected by applying a finisher. We also recommend using finishers if only part of the surface has been painted, as they enable a more even gloss.

Can I use an airbrush?
Angelus Leather Paint can be applied excellently well with an airbrush. Some customers thin the paint a little using Angelus Finisher, so that the leather paint flows through the nozzle better.