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Preparation & Finisher

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Preparation & Finisher


What is Preparer?

Preparer is essential before painting your leather shoes. Why? Because the preparer & deglazer fluid will remove any excess oil, wax or factory finish that might still be on there. This allows the leather paint to have the best adhesion possible. The paint is also better protected against cracking or breaking! Use a clean rag and start applying the deglazer on the shoe. Make sure you get it into every nook and cranny, otherwise your paint will not stick. It’s very important to only use the preparation fluid on leather. Other materials like rubber will not react well to the product.

What is Finisher?

Finisher is a liquid that is applied after the paintjob is complete. With a finisher you add a glossy finish to your painted leather! Choose the type of gloss you want by selecting one of the 5 different variations offered in our finisher category. If you want to have a matte finish you can use the normal finisher. However, this finisher still has a little bit of gloss to it. To create a completely matte finish you can always add a little duller to the finisher. These paint additives can be used in combination with Angelus Acrylic paint and change the application slightly. For more information you can visit the Finisher category.

Different Angelus Products

Here at, we sell Preparer & Deglazer as well as 5 different kinds of finisher. Each of them has a different effect on the paint once applied correctly. Do you have trouble deciding what finisher adds the glossiest shine? Matte Finisher is the dullest variation, then Satin. These two are followed by Normal and Satin high gloss, the most glossy finish would be the High Gloss Finisher. Still don’t know what kind of shine you want? Test your finisher on a separate piece of leather so you can see how it plays out. This helps you to pick out the best possible finish for your painted leather shoes! If you are still undecisive you can always call our product specialists. They will gladly assist you when preparing or finishing your leather paintjob.

Ordering Preparation or Finisher for Leather Paint

As mentioned before, our product specialists are always happy to help out with your problems. At, only the best products are available. That is why almost our entire product range is from the Angelus brand. If you want the best preparation, finisher or leather paint: order from our online paint shop. Is your order over £60, then we’ll even cover the shipping costs! If not, you’ll pay the standard shipping fee. We offer the biggest colour range of Angelus Leather paint