Suède Dye

Suède Dye

What is Suède dye?

Suede dye is a liquid colourant, used to change the original colour of your suede. The transparent coat will apply a different colour to your suede products. It’s very important to only use a dye that is made for the material as you could permanently damage the surface when using a different kind of colouring agent. That’s why only sells Angelus products, specifically made for the task at hand. Suede dye also has the ability to restore the old material and make it look brand new again! Suede dye can be used for different suede products but you will most likely need suede shoe dye. Find out how to dye suede shoes and change the colour of your suede.

Why use Angelus Suede Dye? only offers only the best range of products, to ensure the best results. This is one of the main reasons why Angelus is the only brand of suede dye offered on this website. Do you want the best results for your project? Make sure you only use the best quality suede dye and that you follow the given steps to the letter. We can guarantee a perfect finish but only if all the steps have been followed.

How to use Suede Dye


  1. The first step to dyeing suede is to clean the surface. There will always be a little dirt on the suede, especially with suede shoes. If you would apply dye to a dirty surface the end result wouldn’t be as beautiful as when you had cleaned it. When cleaning the material, we advise to use Angelus Easy Cleaner. This cleaning agent can be used when cleaning leather, rubber, linen, suede and many more materials! Always make sure your cleaning agent is compatible with the material to ensure the best results.
  2. Next, the suede can be prepared for painting. Use a special suede preparer, or mix a little alcohol with water. Brush the shoe lightly until all the areas you want to paint are covered.
  3. Suede dye is unforgiving! This means that if you put too much on your brush, the dye will run. The best way to dye suede products is applying thin coats to the material, allowing them to dry in between. The coats can be applied using the supplied cotton “dye brush”.
  4. Allow the shoe to dry and treat them with a water & stain repellant  to protect your suede!


Ordering Suede Dye

When ordering suede dye, is the partner you need. We are the fastest and most low-cost option when purchasing leather paint or dye online! All our orders are sent through Deutsche Post to ensure a fast shipment and you can order over 140 colours, directly from our online shop. You can even mix two colours together to create a new one! Order top quality Angelus Dye at the lowest price. When you need some more advice about your customization project do not hesitate to call our product specialists! They are always happy to help you out. Order over £60 and we’ll pay the shipping costs.