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  1. 2 - Soft
    Brand: Angelus
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  2. 2-Thin
    Brand: Angelus
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  3. Duller
    Brand: Angelus
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  4. 2 - Hard
    Brand: Angelus
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  5. 2 - Soft
    Brand: Angelus
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  6. Angelus 2-Thin 944ml
    Brand: Angelus
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Angelus Paint Additives

The Angelus leather paint collection features a number of products that give the leather paint the result you have in mind. For example, these Angelus paint additives are used to thin paint, create a matt effect, or paint hard surfaces. The paint additives from Angelus can be mixed with all existing colours in leather paint. If in doubt whether two products go together, please contact customer service.

Dilute leather paint

Angelus 2-thin is designed to dilute leather paint. Diluted paint is perfect to use with an airbrush. The diluted paint gives beautiful depth differences and colour transitions via an airbrush. For example, you can create an 'ombre' effect from dark blue to light blue or from light brown to dark brown with the Angelus Standard colours. An airbrush and thinned paint are used to create subtle transitions in colour, which is much trickier to do by hand. Diluted leather paint can also simply be treated with an Angelus Finisher.

Matt leather paint

Matt leather paint is a perfect way to customise trainers, leather jackets or other leather items. You decide to what extent you let the leather paint shine or how deeply matt the effect becomes. The Angelus Duller is added to the leather paint itself and therefore does not work as a topcoat or finisher that you apply after dyeing. We recommend that the proportion of Angelus Duller be between 5% and 8%. Do not go higher, as this may affect the quality of the paint. Always test on a leather strip to see if you are happy with the proportion and the result.

Dye soft fabrics

If you want to dye the soft fabric of a trainer, for example, we recommend using the Angelus 2-Soft paint additive. Using a soft brush or a sponge, the Angelus 2-soft will allow you to dye mesh or canvas, for example. Mix the additive into classic leather paint. This combination ensures that the paint becomes flexible and adheres well to fabric substrates.

Dye plastic or glass

When you want to dye plastic or glass, the Angelus paint has to adhere to more hard surfaces. The Angelus 2-hard is the product that will help you get the best result! As the name suggests, it makes the paint harder and firmer. You can use it, for example, when you want to paint plastic trainers. The ratio of Angelus 2-hard to classic Angelus leather paint for flexible substrates is 50/50 and 75/25 for hard substrates.