1. All Purpose Applicator 20 pcs
    Brand: Angelus
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  2. Leather Balm 4oz
    Brand: Angelus
  3. Mink Oil Compound 8oz
    Brand: Angelus
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Leather Conditioning

One of the greatest advantages of leather is that it has an extremely long lifespan. Leather conditioning is essential to preserving this lifespan. Whether it's a leather shoe, motorbike jacket, saddle, or furniture, proper leather care prevents the material from drying out, becoming stiff and losing its paint layer. At, you will find a large selection of cleaning & conditioning products. These ensure that you can enjoy your leather products for as long as possible.

Conditioning leather

At, you can not only buy the best quality Angelus leather paint but also an excellent variety of conditioning leather products. These ensure supple and well-cared-for leather that looks brand new again. Leather conditioning also ensures that a new paint layer adheres well and stays in place, with the aid of preparation and finisher treatments. By maintaining leather, you also prevent the paint layer from becoming dull or the leather from becoming stiff and dry.

Keep leather supple

If leather is not properly cared for, it can eventually dry out and become stiff and hard. Especially when it comes to clothing and shoes, this deterioration comes at the expense of comfort. Do you want to keep leather supple? At, we have various products available with which to keep your leather supple. We have various oils and balms for leather, such as Angelus Mink Oil. This is perfect for both preventative and restorative leather care!