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    Angelus Basics Kit
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    Easy Cleaner Kit
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    Preparer and Deglazer
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    Leather Paint White
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Leather paint

Leather paint is available easily and quickly at With the Angelus leather paints, giving your leather shoes, clothes, or furniture a new life is an easy task and will leave long-lasting results. Choose from a wide variety of colours and variants, and get painting right after delivery! To make the result even better, make sure to browse our clean and condition category for the ultimate essentials for taking care of your newly painted items.

Paint for leather

With our high-quality Angelus paint for leather, you receive a durable and affordable option for painting both old and new leather alike. These paints can also be used on other smooth-surfaced materials, such as glass, textiles, plastic, canvas and mesh fabric. Make use of our handy paint additives, such as the hardener 2-hard, to ensure a beautiful result with these other materials as well.

Angelus leather paint

Angelus leather paint is known for its top-quality and affordable prices. This brand represents over a hundred years of knowledge about leather paint and its accompanying additives and accessories. They have made painting leather truly effortless! Thanks to this history, you can be assured that the results with Angelus leather paint are always beautiful. Would you also like to dye suede? We carry dyes suited for suede as well. Order your Angelus leather paint at to enjoy low prices and fast delivery!

Leather paint for shoes

The best leather paint for shoes can be found at! Do you have old trainers, loafers, sandals, or boots you would like to give new life to? Give them a beautiful new sheen with one of our many beautiful leather paint colours and variants. Because the paint is elastic, it will not come off the leather after application. With these leather paints, you can enjoy a lasting result for years to come. To ensure the best results, check out our options for leather preparation and finisher.

Paint leather furniture

Paint leather furniture such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, stools, and more in the colour that you want. Would you like to transform a two-seater sofa with our leather paint? Four bottles of 118 ml of leather paint should be enough. For a dining room chair, you normally need just one 118 ml bottle. At, you have an easy and inexpensive solution when you want to change the colour of a new chair or other furniture. Visit our user manual for instructions on how to achieve the best results.

Leather paint colours

Here you will find leather paint colours in many varieties. In addition to standard colours, our online range also includes colours that stand out a little more. Think, for example, of metallic or glitter paints. View our colour charts to see at a glance which paint colours are available and which suit you best.

You can find the following colour variations of leather paint at

Buy leather paint

Looking for a fixed low price to buy leather paint? Find exactly what you need at Discover the most beautiful colours in many varieties: from standard colours or bright neon to pearlescent and even glittery paints! The paint lasts a very long time and has a high colourfastness. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the new layer of paint will soon become damaged or discoloured. In short, at, you have come to the right place if you want to buy the best leather paint at an affordable price!

What is leather paint?

Leather paint is a special type of paint used for colouring leather products. Unlike regular paints, this paint adheres well to leather. Because this type of paint has elastic properties, among other things, the new layer of paint will also not crack easily.

Where can I buy leather paint?

The easiest way to buy leather paint is online at In addition to the paint, you can also immediately order other supplies, such as products for preparation and finisher treatments and paint additives. This way you have everything you need in one order, without having to leave the house.

What is good leather paint?

The best leather paint you can buy is the leather paint from the Angelus brand. In fact, this company has more than a hundred years of experience - which guarantees quality paint that is easy to apply and very long-lasting.

How long does leather paint need to dry?

After each layer of paint is applied, it should be left alone to dry. This takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. The last, topmost paint layer applied should be left to dry for at least twenty-four hours for best results. This is also the case if you want to apply a finisher, in which case it is also best to wait at least 24 hours after application.

How long does leather paint last?

Leather paint stays good for a very long time. If you apply a good pre-treatment to the product you are going to paint, the new paint layer will be even more impressive and durable. With high-quality leather paint from Angelus, you will then benefit from a beautiful result in the colour you want, for up to years!