Leather Paint

  1. Collector Edition Emerald 5 1oz
    Brand: Angelus
  2. Leather Paint Bowler Brown
    Brand: Angelus
    From £9.95
  3. Glitterlites Limelite 1oz
    Brand: Angelus
  4. Kelly Green
    Brand: Angelus
  5. Leather Paint Rio Red
    Brand: Angelus
    From £9.95
  6. Leather Paint Luggage Brown
    Brand: Angelus
    From £9.95
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Angelus Leather Paint

Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to give clothes, shoes, furniture and other leather products a new colour? With high-quality and durable Angelus leather paint, you can give a wide variety of items a new life. For example, customise your favourite old sneakers or bag with a colour of your choice - the possibilities are endless! This high-quality leather paint is available in all colours of the rainbow and guarantees quality because it is both water- and scratch-resistant. Also, the paint is elastic, so a flexible substance like leather will not crack as easily. Angelus leather paint is also versatile - it can be used on other fabrics and materials with a smooth surface, such as textiles, canvas, mesh, plastic and glass. To paint these materials, paint additives are a must-have for optimal results.

Leather paint Angelus

Discover the highest quality of leather paint at leatherpaint.co.uk. Angelus has over a hundred years of experience as a paint producer. This experience guarantees that the paint stays on and keeps its colour for a long time. The Angelus leather paint is also easy to apply, making the restoration of faded items an easy task. At leatherpaint.co.uk, you can also find paint additives, accessories and the necessities for cleaning and conditioning leather.

Angelus leather paint colours

At leatherpaint.co.uk, you will find a wide variety of Angelus leather paint colours. If you want to give your sneakers a new and fresh look, whether classic or modern, you can easily do that yourself. You can also choose what unique colour to paint your worn clothing or furniture. The colour choices are endless: from the softest pinks and neutrals to the deepest blues, greens, and browns. If you are looking for something outside the box, discover the Metallic, Pearlescent and Glitterlites versions of standard Angelus leather paints. We also ensure that your order will be delivered quickly. We deliver to the United Kingdom between 3 and 7 working days, so you can get painting as soon as possible!

Angelus leather paint sets

Are you looking for affordable Angelus leather paint sets? At leatherpaint.co.uk, we have various functional and convenient sets for you to choose from. With a leather paint set, you can dye leather clothing, furniture, or shoes in a variety of colours with just one order! This is handy when, for example, you want to use multiple colours to paint just one item. Another big advantage is that our paints can be mixed. With a set, you can therefore easily adjust your colours right at home for a lower price. Lightening or darkening by mixing paint colours is easy with the Angelus leather paint sets!

Buy Angelus leather paints

A great advantage of buying Angelus leather paint at leatherpaint.co.uk is that you always pay a fixed low price for the highest quality paints. This applies to every colour, from sleek white or black to metallic champagne and even pearlescent shades! In addition to the competitive price, we also make sure that your order is delivered quickly.

Angelus leather paint colour charts

Looking for a handy overview of all available colours? With the Angelus leather paint colour charts you can see at a glance exactly which colour you need! The colours range from Standard Colours such as blue, green and yellow to shiny metallic and even neon. The charts also show the colour code of the paint, so you can easily place your order. The Angelus leather paint colour charts are also available by mail; send an inquiry to info@leatherpaint.co.uk to find out more.

Where can I buy Angelus leather paint?

You can find Angelus leather paints online for an affordable price at leatherpaint.co.uk. Discover leather paints and dyes in a wide variety of colours and shades suitable for dyeing leather clothing, shoes, and furniture. Not only are these colourful paints low in price, but they will also be delivered quickly!

How long does Angelus paint need to dry?

For the best results, letting each coat dry between applications is recommended. We recommend a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes. For the best result, let the last layer of paint dry for 24 hours. Also, remember to take into account the preparation and finisher treatments, so that you can enjoy your dyed leather shoes or clothing for as long as possible.