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Leather Paint

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What is Angelus Leather Paint?

Angelus Leather Paint originated in Los Angeles, where a shoe shiner decided to make his own product, and sell  it to the public. After some ups and downs, the company is still here with their mile-high standard when it comes to the best materials, accessories and ingredients. Now, the “collector’s editionangelus brand leather paint is especially made for the most classic sneakers, like Jordan’ s or Air Force One, to restore them to their former glory. Honesty, Hard Work, Quality Products and Great Service is what makes Angelus the paint you want when revitalizing your leather products.

the paint is self-leveling and sticks to multiple leather surfaces like shoes, couches, jackets, belts and many more. If you‘ve got old leather that needs to be revitalized, then angelus leather paint is the way to go! Shop all of your Angelus Products here, and enjoy more than 100 colors, finishers, leather dyes and accessories.

Angelus Leather Paint: Specifications           

Angelus Leather Paint is a special paint, used to color leather surfaces. Acrylic leather paint has a reputation for being flexible, yet strong. The paint does not crack if all the requirements for painting are met. You won’t be able to rub it off, or worry that the paint will scratch. We will explain more about these in the paragraph: How to Paint Leather!

The Angelus Brand Leather Paints are water-based, non-toxic paints. It only takes a few coats to get the rich opacity that you want, and the colour will be preserved by adding a touch of finisher to the dried coat of paint. If the coats are applied correctly there shouldn’t be any cracking or peeling of the paint for a nice, smooth finish.

What kind of Leather Paints are available?

There are a lot of different types of paints available, each serving different purposes. Angelus Standard, for example, is a selection of the standard colours used for colouring your old leatherwear. All of these colours can be mixed together, to ensure you will always find the one you want. When you want a somewhat more metallic finish, you can either paint the leather with metallic paint, or mix a little bit of metallic paint with some standard paint. The Neon Acrylic colours are a little bit more modern, and can also be enhanced with other types of paint. If you are a little bit more extravagant, maybe the Glitterlites paint is something that suits you! The pearlescent paint adds a shiny finish that changes in the light. Something that also changes when there is light, is the Angelus Glow in the Dark Paint. This paint lights up in the dark, making your leatherwear the star of the show! The Angelus Collector’s edition Paint is special paint made for those limited edition trainers! Every colour is based on a different shoe, to restore the leather to its former glory. Check out all the available colours here, in the colour chart.

How To Paint Leather with Angelus Leather Paint

If you are looking for tips to paint your favourite leather coat, sofa, shoes and more, read this to decide what products to use, and in which order. When painting leather furniture or shoes, the question we get the most is: Can you paint leather? Well of course! If you follow all of the steps below you are guaranteed the best results. You will finally know how you should be painting leather furniture, or how to paint leather jackets. Angelus leather paint only uses the best ingredients, to ensure a premium product!

  1. First of all: Always make sure you use preparer & deglazer before you start painting! This step will ensure that there is no old, oily finisher present on the leather, as this could mean trouble when the paint tries to stick. This step might be the most important one when it comes to restoring old leather! If not executed correctly this could mean the paint will not stick to the leather, or brush strokes will be visible. Also, do not forget to tape off all parts of the leather that your do not want to paint! In the end, these will be removed and your lines will be smooth.
  2. Mix together the colours that you want! Angelus leather paints are known to be mixed together. For example, you want a little bit of glitter, but not that much. Put a few drops of glitterlites angelus paint in your acrylic leather paint and voila; the shoe is shining! This technique can also be used in combination with thinner for airbrushes (also called leather spray paint), thickener, matte shine instead of glossy shine and many more types of paint. The collector edition paint does not need to be mixed to be the perfect colour for your shoes. These paints were specifically made to mimic the colour of your classic trainers!
  3. Make sure your first layer is very thin and evenly spread. You do not need to cover the entire surface of the leather! Once you have painted the first layer, let it dry by air or use a hair drier to speed up the process. Just make sure that  you do not come to close to the leather paint, as it will bubble and peel off. Make sure to clean your brush after every layer!
  4. Add more layers, while allowing them the time to dry. Once you have the desired thickness of the paint, move on to the last step
  5. The last step is applying the finisher to the shoe. These leather paint finishers will allow you to protect the leather paint on the leather, and also add a little bit of shine to the leather paint itself. When the shine is not the finish you desire, add a few drops of duller to the mix to tone down the shine to a more matte effect. Use a sponge to apply the finisher, and let dry to see the best results.

Mixing Leather Paint

The paint is glossy if not stated otherwise, so applying a duller to the paint, or even mixing it with a “matte” variant will do the job for you. Angelus brand leather paint can also be mixed with every other type of paint, even metallic and standard colours can be matched! Create your own, custom designs and colours nobody has even heard of! Leather paint can also be mixed with paint thinner, for areas like the “mesh” of the sneaker. This is a place where you certainly don’t want paint build-up to occur. When you are using an airbrush to apply angelus leather paint to your shoes, using thinner is advised as well. When cleaning your newly painted leather, have a look at the page: clean & condition.


Where to Buy Angelus Shoe Paint

The question on everyone’s mind is: Where can I buy angelus paint? Well, we’ve decided to help out with that. Order through to find expert advice to all of your problems. We also offer  the biggest colour range of angelus brand leather paint products available, and free shipping over £60! For orders within Germany, your shipping time will be between 3-5 days. For delivery outside of Germany, you’ll need to calculate 5-7 days with Deutsche Post (€3.95) or 3-5 days with DHL (€9.95). You can choose your own delivery method, and order your Angelus Paint Online! For more information on the delivery terms, have a look at the page: Delivery and see which conditions apply to you!